Chi Vitality Card

Life Force & Vitality: Chi Vitality Card

We serve You with beneficial (Life)ENERGY!

The Life Force & Life Energy Vitality Chi Card is a specially designed, -unique- very special 'structural link', which is in direct connection with one - or even more - genuine(!) Chi, Prana and Orgone Generator(s) (handmade with Super-Orgonite), integrated into the Life Force & Life Energy Equipment, from our R & D laboratory in Atlanta (Georgia, USA), developing, generating and radiating -continuosly positive and beneficial Life Energy and Life Force!

This dynamic and beneficial -subtle- energy (Life Energy!) is transmitted by the personalised Chi LifeEnergy Vitality Card to the person who is -actually- using the card, and who can over-take and harness, easily use it and utilize this positive (life)energy in -almost- any area of their life.

With its help, you can constantly and easily replace, refill and complement your used (life)energies and vitality, and you can more easily realize and reach your -programmed - goals; you can allow, provide and secure power and force - Life Force!- to your manifestation program!

Of course, you can also use this subtle power, force and energy (Life Force and Life Energy!) -among other things- for self- and personality development, and the fulfillment of your personality.

This way, you can easily gain -defining- benefits and -at the same time- decisive- advantages over all those who have not heard -yet!- about this great opportunity, and you can be -way- ahead in front of all those who are not yet familiar with this new technology (the Life Force Technology) and -especially- who are not using this amazing Life Force & Life Energy Chi Vitality Card.

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Energy & Vitality for You, your family and your beloveds!

Personalized special Chi Vitality Card®  go

A continouos life force energy source in your wallet and -also- on your computer / laptop, tablet / iPad and your mobile phone!
The cheapest, safest and -at the same time- the most easy and elegant way for a -continuous- supply of Life Energy (Life Force, Chi / Qi, Prana, Od, Orgon / Orgone, etc.).
Chi Vitality Card
Validity: 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 months | Power: ST, DL, HD type. More info...
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